About Us

The EXPONENT Experience

Exponent Bizolutions ltd is a Pan African Company that specializes in Customer Service Management, IT solutions and Consultancy services.

EXPONENT Bizolution is focused on providing exceptional quality services to its clients in all sectors of the economy. It has within its short existence carved for itself a niche in the business with a knack for professionalism and excellence such that quality of service is in no way compromised.

Exponent Bizolution is fully aware of the emerging trends in customer management such as Customer care organization challenges which include increasing customer satisfaction of lower cost channels as well as staffing and managing new channels appropriately. It also understands expectations of end users including reaching how and when they want to reach new businesses and consistent customer experience across channels. We understand that new model of customer care is required to understand and act on Customer Satisfaction issues in real time.

Exponent Bizolution experience in Customer service is key in its understanding the critical ingredients of delivering customer satisfaction such as

  1. Knowing customers choice of how to be served and managing the experience

  2. Understand the “whys” causing poor customer satisfaction and dynamically adapt in real time

  3. Future proof operations & infrastructure for flexibility to easily evolve with customer expectations

It is as a result of the above and more that it has identified the need to provide world class standards Customer service Management and strategies to give our client a competitive edge over its competitors.

Our approach is simple and provides a platform for brainstorming and sharing ideas with our clients, the sole aim is ‘quick to market and speed of implementation’. We also believe in resource sharing, outsourcing and sub-contracting methods.

Our Mission

To provide robust and quality services to our customers by availing them of end-to-end solutions in Customer Care (both in-bound and out-bound calls management), Outsourcing, helping organization personnel attain CX certifications, Customer Care Training, Business intelligence, Software and Application development amongst others, creating wealth to the stakeholders, ensuring a motivated workforce is retained so as to establish Exponent Bizolution as one of the foremost Customer service Solution providers company in the Global marketplace.

Our Vision

To be a one stop Customer Service Management, IT solutions and Consultancy Organization aligning its services with modern technology to delight its customers, helping them maximize business potentials.

Corporate Goals

Exponent Bizolution believes in a process of continual improvement and growth with emphasis hinged on good work ethics, promotion of excellent work culture and professionalism. With experienced Customer Service executives as the founders, this corporate goal is achieved through:

  1. Effective recruitment, nurturing/development and enhancement of knowledge of our team members.

  2. Provision of excellent, quality and timely services and products to our clients

  3. Provide enabling work environment to enable staff attain both individual and organizational goal

  4. Meeting customer needs within the budget without compromising quality in service delivery

Focusing and undertaking market research to improve service delivery to clients

Core Values

At Exponent, our customer is our primary focus. Hence, our key goal always is Customer satisfaction. We also place emphasis on:

  1. 100% Ownership of projects,

  2. Being Proactive

  3. Speed of delivery

  4. Seamless integration,

  5. Transparency and Professional excellence.

  6. Innovations

Our Promises:

Our three key promises to delivering and meeting key performance indices

Timeliness: Exponent Bizolution believes in good timing and promises at all times to deliver services in a timely manner at all times.

Quality: We promise quality services. The motivation for this is to ensure that 99% of our customers are not only retained but they reference us also. In that way, we grow as our clients grow.

Integrity: Our word is our bond. We only promise what we can fulfill so our clients are rest assured that they will only get what they asked for from us at all times.